The IR Training Plan Using Free Courses has been Updated

The other day I realized the Incident Response Training Plan I created had some broken links. I also discovered that some of the platforms I had in the plan changed their free offerings. So, I went through the various platforms (RangeForce, CyberDefenders, TryHackMe, etc), and updated the plan. I also replaced a couple of courses with newer courses that came out.

The plan is based on a combination of what I wish I knew before starting in Incident Response, and Ryan Chapman’s Implementing a Kick-Butt Training Program: BLUE TEAM GO! talk.

Part One of the plan is geared toward people who are new to IT. It covers the basics such as computer hardware, Windows, Linux, Networking, Regex, Programming/Scripting, and Security Basics.

Part Two of the plan is geared toward people who are new to DFIR and is based on Ryan’s talk. It covers Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, and OSINT.

In addition to the Incident Response Training Plan, there are over 400 training courses on the Free and Affordable Training Site. Nothing there is over $1,000. Most of the training listed is free.

A few of the categories on the Free & Affordable Training site

I hope this helps someone!