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The training is sorted by category and filterable by Hands-On, For Beginners, Proof of Completion, and Has a Community/Forum. Categories Include IT/Cybersecurity Basics, Linux, Programming/Scripting, Networking, Cloud, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, OSINT, CTFs & Challenges, Ethical Hacking, Free and Affordable Events. Nothing is over $1,000.
Incident Response Training Plan using free online courses starting from complete beginner to IT covers General IT & Cybersecurity Basics, Networking, Linux, Programming/Scripting, Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, OSINT, Hands-On Challenges.

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There is a Current Discounts page for discounts on training, books, software, etc. Discounts can be submitted from that page as well.

Feel free to submit an event to the Community Events Site (live streams, CTFs, conferences, live training, new course launches, etc).

Each category can be filtered by “free” or “affordable”. The default shows both.

Nothing over $1,000 is listed (base price – not including any taxes or fees)

You can select one or more training features using the checkboxes after using the search bar on the homepage or selecting a category.

  • Best Training to Start With (narrows it down to 1-4 courses)
  • Good for Beginners (Good for beginners to a particular category – The DFIR Related categories typically assume that you’re familiar with topics in the Core Training section such as general IT, cybersecurity basics, and networking)
  • Hands-On (Either all or part of the course has a practical hands-on component)
  • Proof of Completion (Badge, Certificate, etc.)
  • Community/Forum (The training provider has Slack, Discord or a forum)
  • Student Discount
  • Payment Plan Available