The list below contains online courses that I have either personally taken or plan to take.

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  • Linux Academy
    • Introduction to Python Development**
    • Programming Use Cases with Python**
    • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+)
    • Kali Linux Deep Dive
    • Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)
    • Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification (PCEP)
    • Splunk Deep Dive
  • Cybrary
    • Intro to Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering**
    • Incident Response and Advanced Forensics**
    • Introduction to SIEM Tools**
    • Windows Forensics and Tools**
    • Stealth Techniques for Incident Handlers**
    • Attacks and Persistence for Incident Handlers**
  • EH Academy
    • Computer Forensics & Investigation : Using Open Source Tools**
  • Project Ares
    • Battle Room: Forensics**
    • Battle Room: Scripting Fundamentals**
    • Battle Room: System Security Analyst**
    • Battle Room: Network Traffic Analysis**
    • Battle Room: Linux Basics**
    • Media Center: Defensive Specialization**
    • Game Room: Regexile**
  • Splunk
    • Splunk Fundamentals 1**
    • Splunk User Behavior Analytics

**These are courses that I have personally taken so far.

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