Free IR Training Plan: Part 1 – Core

This plan is based on what I wish I would have learned before starting in Incident Response. Being that I haven’t been in the field very long, I do keep coming across things I didn’t know that I needed to know, so I will adjust this accordingly.

This plan assumes that you’re a complete beginner to IT.

General IT

Introduction to Computing Fundamentals (Hopper’s Roppers)


Python 3 Courses (Python Institute)


JSON Tutorial

Learn C

Intro to x86 Assembly Language (YouTube – Davy Wybiral)

Powershell – Sign up for the RangeForce Community Edition and complete the Windows-PowerShell Introduction Module. There is also a free PowerShell 101 book for beginners on LeanPub.


Choose One of These Video or Reading Based Courses:

Then do these Hands-On Courses:


Introduction to Security (Hopper’s Roppers)

Security+ Training Course – (Professor Messer – YouTube)**

**I highly recommend getting the Security+ certification. This is the certification I’ve seen requested in most entry-level positions and it’s required if you end up in a government position (see the DoD Approved 8570 Baseline Certifications).

Free Security+ Practice Questions can be found at Exam Compass & Pocket Prep.

Extra: If you haven’t participated in a CTF before, take Hopper’s Roppers Introduction to Capture the Flags course, then check out the DFIR Related CTFs and Challenges on the Free and Affordable Training site.

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