Free & Affordable Training News Monthly: Jan – Feb 2024

The following contains newly released Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis and OSINT training from January, as well as upcoming live training for February. I also list new additions to the Free & Affordable Training Site. Like the Free & Affordable Training Site, everything in this blog post is under $1,000.

Note: Purchases made through affiliate/partner links and/or using personalized discount codes is one of the things I rely on to be able to keep this website running. I am an affiliate or partner of the following companies mentioned in this post and references to them contain affiliate/partner links: Pluralsight, CyberDefenders, Humble Bundle.


Thank you Blu Raven for becoming a Get Your Start in DFIR training partner!

I started Get Your Start in DFIR a while ago and I’m hoping to eventually be able to put together training, certification, and book bundles for scholarship recipients who are interested in a DFIR career. There is also a Get Your Start in DFIR job board.

Get Your Start in DFIR is a non-profit with the goals of improving diversity in the DFIR field and providing training, certification, and book scholarships to those struggling to afford it.

Blu Raven provides hands-on Kusto Query Language (KQL) training in a hyper-realistic lab environment.


TrainSec – Malware Analyst Professional – Level 1

TrainSec released the hands-on course Malware Analyst Professional – Level 1 taught by Uriel Kosayev.

Cost: $350

Topics include:

  • Lab Setup
  • Reverse Engineering
  • The PE Structure
  • Static Malware Analysis
  • Dynamic Malware Analysis
  • Analyzing Malicious Documents
  • YARA Rule Examples

My OSINT Training – Refresh Your OSINT Skills 2024

My OSINT Training released Refresh Your OSINT Skills 2024 designed for people with previous OSINT training who need a refresher.

Cost: $299 – Includes a Certificate of Completion

Topics Include:

  • Operational Security
  • Creating Research Accounts Effectively
  • Using Search Engines to Enhance Research Capabilities
  • Using Online Archives for Investigative Purposes
  • Conducting Website Investigations
  • Conducting Image Searches
  • Navigating and Using Features of Google, Bing, and Yandex Maps + Alternative Mapping Options
  • Searching Proficiently on Social Media Platforms
  • Searching for Entities Using Targeted Tips and Methods
  • Staying Current with OSINT Trends and Updates

Sam Bowne – Spring 2024 City College of San Francisco Classes

Sam Bowne teaches classes at City College of San Francisco and livestreams them on Twitch so they’re freely available to everyone. Spring 2024 classes started in January and the previous recordings are available. You can also attend the upcoming livestreams.

Pluralsight – Malware Analysis: Malicious Activity Detection

Josh Stroschein released Malware Analysis: Malicious Activity Detection on Pluralsight. This is part of the Malware Analysis Learning Path.

Cost: There are subscription options that include thousands of courses ranging from $29/month to $449/year. They also offer a free 10-day trial. WGU students and alumni can get Pluralsight for free.

Deal Alert: Get up to 50% off Individual Plans until February 12th

Topics Include:

  • Detecting Malicious Files with YARA
  • Creating Custom Network Alerts with Suricata
  • Exploring Log Detection with Sigma

Blue Team Labs Online

Blue Team Labs Online released six new labs in January. They are part of the Pro subscription ($19/month to $183/year).

The Labs Include:

  • Follow My Lead 3: Incident Response
  • Pilot: Incident Response
  • Velociraptor 1: Incident Response
  • Cozy Bear: Security Operations
  • Emperor Penguin: Reverse Engineering
  • Wikileaked: Digital Forensics


CyberDefenders released several Pro labs. The Pro account costs $20/month – $200/year. 

New Labs and Challenges:

  • Trickbot: Malware Analysis
  • MSIXPhish: Threat Intel
  • Brutal Tank: Network Forensics
  • Zerologon: Endpoint Forensics

ACE Responder

ACE Responder released Run of the Mill, a FREE Windows compromise challenge. They also released a Pivot Incident Investigation challenge which is part of their $17.49/month Analyst subscription.

Sofia Santos – OSINT Exercise #023

Sofia Santos creates free OSINT challenges. OSINT Exercise #023 was released last month.


LetsDefend created a Free Malicious Google Chrome Extension Challenge. They also released a Threat Hunting for C2 with RITA course that is part of their VIP+ plan ($39.99/month or $359/year)

Hack The Box

Hack The Box released a new free DFIR Sherlock, Noted.


SOC Core Skills w/John Strand

Dates: February 5th – 8th, 2024

Cost: Pay What You Can (up to $525)

Comes With a Certificate of Completion (unless using the free Tuition Assistance option)

Anti-Cast: All About Linux Systemd Timers w/ Hal Pomeranz

Date: February 7th, 2024

Cost: Free

Getting Started in Packet Decoding w/Chris Brenton

Dates: February 13 – 16, 2024

Cost: Pay What You Can (up to $525)

Comes With a Certificate of Completion (unless using the free Tuition Assistance option)

Introduction to Intelligence Report Writing

Date: February 16th, 2024

Cost: $225

Has a Certificate of Completion

OSINTUp: A Virtual Skill-Sharing Event

Date: February 22nd, 2024

Cost: Free

Cyber Threat Hunting Level 1

Date: February 23rd, 2024

Cost: Free

Android Forensics w/Belkasoft

This is an on-demand course that is free from February 26th – March 26th

It comes with a certificate of completion and a free 30-day trial of Belkasoft X

Intelligence Investigations: People

Date: February 26th, 2024

Cost: $370

Has a Certificate of Completion

Magnet Virtual Summit 2024

Dates: February 27th – March 7th, 2024

Cost: Free

Investigating Insider Threats Workshop

Date: February 27th

Cost: Free


5f0ne – examinerview

5f0ne released examinerview.

Description: Create visual timelines for forensic investigations.


Last month I started doing Training Tuesday Highlights on LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and Facebook using the hashtag #DFIRDivaTTH. Every Tuesday I highlight a training provider, instructor, book, or course listed on the Free & Affordable Training Site related to Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, or OSINT.

January’s Highlights:


The following was added to the Free & Affordable Training Site this month:


Humble Bundle: Get $902 worth of books for $18 with the Cybersecurity 2024 Bundle

Paraben Corporation: Get 20% off Mobile Training Courses using code: L3ARN (this includes the vendor neutral Digital Forensics Fundamentals course)

Pluralsight: Get 50% off Yearly Individual Plans and 33% off Monthly Plans on Pluralsight until February 12th.

The OSINTion: Get 30% off The OSINTion On-Demand and Live Courses until February 16th using code: LOVE