The Free Training Page Got a Makeover

First, a little background…I’m an entry-level Incident Response Analyst trying to learn all things DFIR on a limited budget. I created the free training page to try to help others who were in the same boat. After seeing some comments and questions about it, I realized that just having a long list of training wasn’t all that helpful to complete beginners to IT who were interested in the Digital Forensics & Incident Response field.

I went through almost every item to try to determine what was good for beginners, if I could recommend any prerequisites, and which training categories to start with.

If the For Beginners section doesn’t say “Yes” I tried to give a recommendation.

I built out a subdomain that includes four categories for complete beginners to start with (General Cybersecurity/IT, Networking, Linux, and Programming & Scripting). This is based on what I wish I would have learned before starting in DFIR.

The categories can be filtered by whether or not there’s a hands-on component, if it’s good for beginners to that category, and if there’s some kind of proof of completion like a certificate or digital badge.

New Free Training Site Filters

But wait, there’s more….

I also built out a second subdomain at This is only focused on DFIR related training (for now) and geared toward other entry-level analysts. I might add other categories to it later. All training on that site is under $1,000 and sorted by default from the lowest price.

Those who subscribe to my free training updates know that I frequently add free training. Now I’ll be updating both.

I hope this helps!