The Free and Affordable Training Sites Have Merged!

I had a week of PTO and since I have no idea how to just relax and chill, I took a much-needed break from social media and emails and created a new site combining the old Free Training Site and Affordable Training Site into one. In the process, I fixed broken links, updated prices that changed, and added social media profiles associated with the training. There is nothing over $1,000 (base price).

The new site provides a better way to search. You can search everything at once, search only the free training, or search only a specific category. You can also select a category + a training feature. For example, if you were looking for Hands-On Digital Forensics training, you could select the Digital Forensics category and the Hands-On training feature category.

I also added a filter for the best courses to start with for those overwhelmed with all of the options.

The old Free Training Site and Affordable Training Site are now offline.

The new site is at:

The categories for the new site are as follows:

Core Training Categories:

DFIR Related Categories:

Additional Categories:

Course Feature Categories:

I am still currently working on adding all of the books I had on the old site but everything else should be there.