DFIR Related Events for Beginners – May, 2020

A list of Digital Forensics and Incident Response related events and training that may be of interest to students/beginners for the month of May.

May 4th – May 16th: NW3C CTF The competition will run from Monday, May 4th 2:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM UTC) until Saturday, May 16th 1:59 PM EDT (5:59 PM UTC).  The user who achieves the highest point total during the two week competition will be crowned the victor!

May 4th – May 29th: Magnet Forensics Virtual Summit. Magnet Forensics is hosting a free virtual DFIR summit that starts on May 4th and goes throughout the month of May. There is also a CTF (May 10th is the last day to register for the CTF). For more information and to register, go here: https://www.magnetforensics.com/blog/magnet-virtual-summit-registration-is-now-open

Champlain College CTF: https://champdfa-ccsc-sp20.ctfd.io/

Corelight CTF: Dates all throughout May have been added to the Corelight virtual CTF. You can register here: https://www3.corelight.com/l/420832/2020-03-31/lcxk2q

Cynet CTF: This CTF has ended. Answers can be downloaded here: https://go.cynet.com/incident-response-challenge-answers

The Splunk Boss of the SOC Blue Team CTF is open for anyone to play. You can register here: https://www.cyberdefenders.org/community/?register

Basis Technology is offering free Autopsy digital forensics software training until June 1st. You can register here: https://www.autopsy.com/support/training/covid-19-free-autopsy-training/

Pentester Academy has free CTF exercises that include network forensics and reverse engineering. The challenges go from beginner to advanced. You can register here: https://www.ctf.live/

EC-Council Code Red is currently offering a free 30-day access pass. They have courses in Digital Forensics and Incident Response.

Free Certified Network Security Specialist Course: The International Cybersecurity Institute is offering their Certified Network Security Specialist Course for free. The course contains knowledge necessary for Incident Response. You can register here: https://www.icsi.co.uk/courses/icsi-cnss-certified-network-security-specialist-covid-19

David Cowen has weekly “Sunday Funday” forensic challenges. He also hosts the Forensic Lunch Test Kitchen live on YouTube where you can learn about different forensic tools and chat with forensic professionals. Subscribe to his YouTube channel Learn Forensics With David Cowen.

Malware-Traffic-Analysis.net has traffic analysis exercises each month.

There is also a regularly updated list of free DFIR related training courses on the training page of this site.