DFIR Related Events for Beginners – December, 2021

This is geared toward beginners but there is something for all skill levels.

All events listed are virtual.

  • Type “free” in the search box to only show free events.
  • Type “under” in the search box to show paid events under $50.
  • Be sure to hit the “Load More Events” button until you see “No More Events”.
  • If I missed something when I originally posted this, I’ll add it, so check back or subscribe for updates.


For events covering other areas of Cybersecurity, see the Free and Affordable Events calendar on the homepage of the Free and Affordable Training Site

Ongoing Events

Life has no Ctrl + Alt + Delete. “Need to escape isolation and collaborate? Monday’s from 12:30PM to 1PM EST, join Heather Mahalik, Cellebrite’s Sr. Director of Digital Intelligence, with guest speakers for live Meetups.” For more information, go here: https://www.cellebrite.com/en/life-has-no-ctrlaltdelete/

Mondays: #CyberMentoringMonday on Twitter (Created by Tanya Janca) Use the hashtag to ask questions or to find a mentor on a specific topic.

If you have questions for the Infosec Twitter community on other days, use the hashtag #AskInfosec

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DFIR Social Media

Twitter: Look for the #DFIR hashtag. For people to follow, check out the Forensicators of #DFIR on AboutDFIR.

Facebook: I listed some helpful Facebook groups here: https://dfirdiva.com/facebook-groups

Digital Forensics Discord Server A Beginner’s Guide to the Digital Forensics Discord Server has information on how to join. I cannot recommend this Discord Server enough. It’s a great community.

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Cyber Social Hub “A place for Cybersecurity, DFIR, OSINT, Legal, and Technology Investigation Professionals to Connect and Collaborate”.

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As always, there are lists of regularly updated Free and Affordable Training.